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Our event planning teams are on hand to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Using the same software Glastonbury Festival use we are able to pit your event into a digital plan using the latest satellite imagery which allows us to plot your event with accuracy. We are also able to layer the plans to give your event a clean and easy step by step guide for safety and precision.

With the tools on hand we can plan and plot the venue land to give you accurate figures and details on space availability and ensuring the safety regulations of your local authority are followed. We can plot the infrastructure down to details such as power cables, waterpoints, fences, temporary structures, stages,toilets and lighting. With our software and experience we are able to assess and plan the emergency routes, steward locations, fire points, medical points and security.

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We can plan designated walkways and road closures giving you all the information you require to ensure your event is safe and planned to fine detail. Working with you will be a team of planners who will go through the plans at every stage, to ensure your your event is just how you want it.

When it comes to local authorities and planning events we are able to provide you the most up-to-date information for your event with evacuation times, emergency routes, emergency access and even social distancing permitted numbers. 


  • Music Festivals

  • Corporate Events

  • Community Fetes

  • Family Fun Days

  • Wedding Venues

  • Military Social Events

  • Sporting Events

  • Farmers Markets


  • Wedding Seating Plans

  • Covid19 Distancing Plans

  • Venue Emergency Plans

  • Temporary Structure Plans

  • Event Infrastructure Plans

  • Event Safety & Security Plans

  • Sports Route Support Plans 

  • Evacuation Timeline Plans

From festivals to weddings having your plans drawn up into a digital mapping file allows for changes with a few clicks and takes the pressure off, speak to our team today to see how this works for your event..


Events require detailed planning which we offer to all our clients as standard. If you have vendors arriving on different dates and suppliers setting up on different locations, it can be overwhelming so with our layered mapping, you can issue a GPS locations using the world's most modern GPS tools.

Drawings, photos, or even if you just have the event in your mind, we can turn your vision into an accurate mapping plan for you to use time and time again. 

It's not just big events we cover, we offer Celebration Supplies for all occasions.


  • Premium Event Software

  • Agricultural Mapping Software

  • Emergency Escape Software

  • Computer-aided Design Software

  • What3Words Geocode System


  • CCTV Field of View Support

  • Security Weak Points Report

  • Building Utility Plans

  • Building Fire Exit Plans

  • Bomb Threat Evacuation Plans


  • UK Supplied Equipment

  • Fully Licensed Staff

  • International Service

  • Bespoke Products 

  • Designed & Manufactured for Ynot

  • 'Like for Like' Price Match 

  • Site specific risk assessments

  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance

  • 20+ years of event & bar experience

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